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Fullname: Fernando José Torres Sanz
Nationality: Spain
Birthday: 20th March 1984 in Madrid
Zodiac: Fish
Height: 1,86 meters
Weight: 78 kilograms
Marital Status: Single
Player-Position: Forward
Current Club: FC Liverpool
Favoured Foot: right
Inside Facts:

  • Fernando Torres began to kick around some things in the house, when he was 2 years old.
  • As he was 4 he delighted in football. As he was five years old, he plays for his first footballclub “Parque84”.
  • As he says, shaped it also a Cartoon series, with which 2 hobby soccer players become professionals.
  • In the beginning he was goalkeeper, but after he lost some teeth, he would play in the field.
  • Later, when he was eleven, he went to Atlético Madrid, because his grandfather was a fanatic "Atléti"-fan. In 1999 Fernando got his first professional contract there.
  • Torrés would chosen for the best Player in Under-16 European-Championchip
  • 27th of May in 2001 "El Niño", his nickname, gave his debut in the Spanish Primera Division. Just one week later he makes his first goal in the season against Albacete.
  • In the same year he plays in the Spanish Under-17 team for the World-Championship in
    Trinidad and Tobago
  • Fernando Torres stars at the Under-19 European-Championship in Norway (July 2002). He was the best scorer and was elected to the "Player of the Tournament"
  • In 2003 he moved in the A-National Team. His debut was against Portugal.
  • Because of his indentification, Fernando Torres would chosen in his Club Atlético Madrid to the captain.
  • Many top-footballclubs are interested on him, because of his constancy on high level
  • Little Fernando liked to throw things out the window. As he was a two years old boy he threw a model-truck out of the window. In this model-truck were some savings of his parents.
  • He has a tattoo on the inside of his left arm that means "Fernando" with tengwar-symbols
  • In the summer of 2007 he moved for around 36 million Euros from Atlético Madrid to Liverpool.


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