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Full (Real) Name: Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
Nationality: Brazil
Birthday: April 22th, 1982 in Brasilia (Brazil)
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 1,86 meters
Weight: 73 kilograms
Hair: Black
Martial status: Married with Caroline
Position: Midfielder / Forward
Current Club: AC Milan
Inside Facts:

  • He is one of Brazil's famous footballers 
  • His first international for Brazil he did on January 31th in 2002. Brazil crushed Bolivia 6:0.
  • There are many ways to say/write his name: Kaka, Kaká, Kakŕ, Kaka'.
  • To his name came Kaká by his brother Rodrigo. As little boy had Rodrigo problems with the name Ricardo and thus he named him Caca. Rodrigo (Digăo) plays actually in the Italian Serie B for Rimimi.
  • Kaká is one of the best player of the World. He has an excellent technic and he has a strong shoot. He has also good knowledge about tactics. Also his fitness helps him for his thrusts.
  • His debut to play for a professional club was for FC Sao Paulo in 2001. At this time he was 19 years old.
  • Many European clubs were interested on Kaká, all the more games he played. Bayer Leverkusen was one of the first clubs, who was interested, and Kaká was it too, but FC Sao Paulo demanded a very high fee for him. But one year later, in 2003, he could moved to AC Milan to Italy (for around 8,5 Mio. €).
  • On December 23th he married his girlfriend and affiance Caroline Celico. Kaká and Caroline married in Sao Paulo, in a evangelic church "Renascer em Cristo". Caroline Celico is 4 years younger as Kaká.
  • His nickname is "Ricky"
  • sometimes he wears a glasses
  • He's a religious Christ. And his favourite music is also Gospel music. Also he like the music bands like "Switchfood" and "Sonicflood". Both Bands are christian.
  • A few years ago he had broken his vertebra, as he jumped into a swimming-pool. Almost he needed to end his career, but he got it and with every goal Kaká send one thanks to god!



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