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Nationality: German
Birthday: 1982-01-09 in Leipzig
Zodiac: Virgin
Height: 1,82 meter
Weight: 52 kilograms
Size of shoe: 42
Eye colour: brown
Marital status: single
Hobbies: singing, parties
Favorite Food: Pizza, Burgers, rice pudding, noodle buffering, waffles
Favorite Drink: Red Bull, Cola, Dooley's
Life adage: "Leb' die Sekunde" (Live the second)
Inside Facts:
  • Bill is the singer of the German Band Tokio Hotel
  • He and his brother Tom are twins (--> Tom Kaulitz). Bill is just 10 minutes younger then Tom.
  • Their parents could be separated as Bill and Tom were six years old. The twins live with her mother Simone Kaulitz. The later stepfather, Gordon Trümper, played also in a rock'n'roll-band. He played guitar. To this time he has also a music school.
  • With 9 years they went from Magdeburg to Loitsche
  • His favorite pets are his dog "Scotty" and his cat "Kasimir"
  • Bill masqueraded himself as vampire – so came into being his look, which he has at first on stage. He found it very cool and it would his mark. A friend of his mother styled his hair. The first piercing he got when he was twelve. In the year 2006 he changed his look for an performance in Berlin. Now he has longer hair.
  • Because of lacquer of his finger nails, he doesn't eat on it anymore.
  • He has part taken in the first "StarSearch" relay in Germany in 2003. There he sorted out after an exiting in the quarter finals. As he went out of competition he performed "It’s Raining Men" from the Weather Girls. His concurrent was the rapper Oliver, who performed a song of Eminem with "Without Me".
  • His favourite musicians are Placebo, Nena and Green Day. His first album what he bought was from German artist Nena (99 Luftballons). His first concert what he had seen was also from her. Bill like the older stuff of her more than her new stuff. But also with the new style of music from Nena he comes clear.
  • When he was six years old, he played with his brother Tom a small role in the movie "Verrückt nach dir".
  • In the Kindergarten had bill and Tom t-shirts where his names were printed, so that the educater has known, who was who.
  • Bill visited the school "Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium" in Wolmirstedt (--> www.kjfg.de). Bill's average in the ninth class was 1,9. In the sommer vacations after the ninth class in 2005 he got a star with the song "Durch den Monsun".
  • At the tenth class he got a private teacher, who teached him and his brother. Because of the account of concerts and other publications he couldn't go to a public school anymore – to less time.
  • His bus was going at 6.10 o'clock am. He needed a long time to style his hair, therefore he had woke up very early. But most time he woke up at 5:30 o'clock am.
  • Bills favourite subjects at school are german, ethic and art but he doesn't like the subjects sport, physic and mathematics.
  • He's a right hander
    His favourite club is the "Alex", this is also the favourite of Gustav and Georg
  • Bill like to work with apple computers like his Brother, too
  • He is allergic against Mosquito bites. Because of this, Bill was for one time in the hospital.
  • One of his is favourite food are waffles he made himself.
  • His favourite drink is the Energy drink "Red Bull". On parties he likes to drink the Toffee Liqueur from Dooley's, too.
  • Bill Kaulitz voiced Arthur in the german version of the animated Fantasymovie "Arthur and the Minimoys"



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