Tokio Hotel
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Bill Kaulitz

Tom Kaulitz

Georg Moritz Hagen Listing

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer


  • At the beginnings the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz were band staff. At this time the percussion effects would supported by a keyboard. With 9 years they played his first gigs on village-parties and school-challenge. Sometimes they won some challenges. One day they met the Drummer Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer and bass guitarist Georg Moritz Hagen Listing at one of his gigs in Magdeburg. At that time they joined together as "Devilish". Later they called "Tokio Hotel".
  • This band name associated with the destination to play in Tokyo (Japan).
  • Live gigs were very important to publishing his songs. Tokio Hotel played many gigs in the club "Gröninger Bad" at their hometown Magdeburg. In 2001 the producer David Jost saw the band in this club and was very enthuses. After some problems at the beginning of the still young career, the band spend the next two years their holidays in the studio and recorded their first album. But later, from this recoreded songs would no one played.
  • In 2005 they released their first single who called "Durch den Monsun" ("Through the Monsoon").
  • They have a contract with the music giant Universal Studios. Tokio Hotel will produced by Peter Hoffmann, David Jost, Dave Roth und Pat Benzner. But before they had an contract with Sony BMG. There got fired because of to small prosperousness outlooks. After that, Universal Music discover Tokio Hotel.
  • Their Manager is Benjamin Ebel
  • It's very important for them, that all know they would not composed. In 2003 Bill took part in "StarSearch", however were Devilish (Tokio Hotel) has been discovered, at this time.
  • Some parts of the songlyrics writes the singer Bill Kaulitz by his own.
    Their debut single "Durch den Monsun" was five weeks on top of the German single charts (Media Control GfK). In the German year rankings in 2005 their were runners-up.
  • In octobre 2005 they won the Award "Comet" as best newcomer and the "Super Comet" as best artists. For the national spectators-price they became nominates very late, because nobody calculated with their increases success.
  • The first tour, called "Schrei"-Tour, was in a few days sold out! But the demand for concerts exceeded the supply, because of this Tokio Hotel gave in spring 2006 extra concerts. (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
  • On 24th November they've won the "EinsLive-Krone" as best newcomers. They became voted in a questionnaire survey on internet as first place. Their fans supported them so much, that "US5" got the second place.
  • On 1st December 2005 Tokio Hotel won the "Bambi"-Award in the category "Pop National". The boys of this band are the biggest teen-idols at the year 2005, said the jury.
  • Their first album "Schrei" achieved after a quarter year platin status.
  • Tokio Hotels DVD "Leb die Sekunde – Behind the Scenes" achieved just after one week platin status (70.000 exemplars). On this DVD you can see the first trails in the studio, concerts, pictures and interviews.
  • At the end 2005 they visited the S.O.S. – children village in Bernburg. They benefited with 50 guitars for the music projects in German children's villages.
  • Because of the stress of the tour 2005, they took a break. In this break the boys flies to the Maledives (Baa-Atoll). They lived in the Luxery hotel "Royal Island" (--> www.royal-island.com). Some pictures, shoted by tourists, found the way to the media.
  • In 2006 march, 12th Tokio Hotel were nominated in 4 categories for the important music award "ECHO". At first they performed the song "Rette Mich" and after they got this award for the best newcomer. They got also another award for best newcomer - the Steiger-Award. Many other follows.
  • Viva Polska arranged one day only for Tokio Hotel (March 2006).
  • The first Tokio-Hotel-Tourbus was a black VW Sharan. Actually for their "Tour 483" they've a 14 metres long bus (a nightliner).
  • The second Album "Zimmer 483" was released on February 23th in 2007. Later their fist english Album "Scream" released on June 04th, 2007 (international market)



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