Tokio Hotel - Gustav Schäfer (drums)
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Full Name: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer
Birthday: 08.09.1988 in Magdeburg
Zodiac: Virgin
Height: 1,68 meter
Weight: 68 kilograms
Hair colour: blond
Eye colour: brown
Religion: Christian (evangelist)
Marital status: single
Hobbies: music, bicycle, football, cooking
Favourite Food: Lasagne, gratinee potatoes, Römertopf
Favourite Drink: Red Bull, cacao, cola
Inside Facts:
  • Gustav Schäfer is the drummer of the band.
  • Since he is five years old he plays drums. A citation of him: "In Everybody lies an talent. I remained with mine."
  • His role model is Lars Ulrich of Metallica.
  • Gustav and Georg get to knew in a music-school. Both had seen Bill and Tom during a show in Magdeburg. A bit later, they ground the band "Devilish". This band name they changed to "Tokio Hotel".
  • Gustav has an allergy against fish, pork, pollen of grasses and strawberry.
  • His favourite car is a Ford G40.
  • Gustav's favourite subjects in school were economy and sport.
  • He has a dog (Bruno) and a tomcat (Richard).
  • His favourite club(“Alex”) is the same one like Bill's and Tom's.
  • He likes hard rock and heavy metal music.
  • Actually Gustav wear glasses, but at last time he takes contact lenses.
  • As he was younger his dream was it to get a police-officer, a fire-fighter or a lorry-driver. But at last he want to be a insurance-merchant.
  • A long time he has no Television. All days he got his informations from the daily newspapers. Some days he reads up to five newspapers a day. He gets also his informations from www.spiegel.de
  • In Magdeburg he dwells over a undertaker. That is why he could begin to practice with his drums at five o'clock p.m.
  • Gustav, drinks or smokes, neither.
  • He is evangelic but he goes seldom in the church



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