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Full Name: Georg Moritz Hagen Listing
Nationality: German
Birthday: 31.03.1987 in Halle
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 1,78 meter
Weight: 72 kilogram
Shoe size: 42
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: grew-green
Marital status: single
School: Highschool
Hobbies: music, bicycle, dancing, football, fitness
Favourite Food: Pizza, Gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce
Favourite Drink: Red Bull
Inside Facts:
  • Georg plays the bass in the band.
  • The playing with the bass guitar, he learned in a music school. There he met Gustav the drummer. Both had seen Bill and Tom during a show in Magdeburg. A bit later, they ground the band "Devilish". This band name they changed to "Tokio Hotel".
  • His favourite music bands are Oasis and Green Day. His first bought CD was Oasis. His favourite song is also from Oasis and called "Wonderwall". Also his first album "(What's the story) morning glory" he likes very much. Actually he to be into Kelly Clarkson
  • Georg's favourite subjects at school were psychology and sport.
  • Earlier his hair smooth a stylist but today he makes it by itself.
  • He has a dog named Moritz and a tomcat who is named Garon.
  • His favourite club ("Alex") is the same one like Bills and Toms
  • Georg's dream of profession is the dentist. But in first line he is musician.
  • Similar as for Bill and Tom, live Georg's parents no more together.
  • Sometimes he smokes, but in the public he tries to avoid to smoke. However he tries to live healthy. That is why Georg goes for a run sometimes early in the morning.



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